What We Do?

We at The Wealth Factory, Inc. develop adapting environments, frameworks and technologies that would help our users with their financial literacy education through online gaming, adaptive testing and other means.


Our mission is to reduce poverty by providing equal access to quality, easy to understand financial literacy across the world.


Our cumulative experience in technology, commerce and education under one roof.


Our goal is to help everyone to manage their finances.


Credit Stacker is an innovative financial play on credit reports. The pieces will look and feel like credit items, accumulating over your life span to impact your credit score and net-worth.

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Our Partners

Our partnerships vary from enterprises to educational entities, which gives us an opportunity to spread the wealth of education through multiple ways.

If our partnership should say something about us, it is how strong we are when it comes to a united front and how well we do when it comes to what we do.

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Coordinated Care Solutions

District of Columbia

Public Schools

District of Columbia

Association of Chartered Public Schools

DC Chamber of Commerce

Delivering the Capital

District of Columbia

Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking

District of Columbia

Department of Parks and Recreation

District of Columbia

Charter School Development Corporation

District of Columbia

Department of Housing and Community Development

Building Hope


Children's Fund


The Team

Angel Rich

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

BS in Marketing, Hampton University.
Former Global Market Researcher, Prudential Financial.

Courtney Keen

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

BS in Accounting, MBA, Hampton University.
Expertise in Production, Sustainment, Supply and Service Acquisitions, Risk Management.

Harjeet Singh

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

MBA In Marketing and Finance, BS in CIS.
Serial Entrepreneur.

Autumn Leatham

Chief Strategy Officer

BA in Public Relations from Hampton University.
Expertise in Financial Services, Non-profit Management, and Technology.


Sam Medile, Investor, Dingman Center Angel.

Dr. Tammy Clegg, Professor, University of Maryland School of Education Technology.

Dr. Sabin Duncan, Director, Hampton University Honors College.

Dr. Welton Fields Jr., President, Capitol National Baptist Convention.

Akbar Dawood, Director, Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (MTECH).

Ed Harrell, DC Arch Angel, Advisor.

Thomas Nida, United Bank.

Phyllis Kristal, Fish and Richardson.

Alexei Cowett, Venable.

Everett Bellamy, Georgetown University.

Nicole Sims, Department of Parks and Recreation.

Erin Horne McKinney, Office of Deputy Mayor Greater Economic Opportunity.







From Research to Practice

Our Past Performance Related to the Target Population

In 2014, the Charter School Development Corporation and Building Hope sponsored a three month pre-post research study, The Financial Empowerment of Urban Youth, to validate WealthyLife’s efficacy at Friendship Collegiate, WMST, and Options Public Charter High Schools in DC. The study found that student’s financial literacy rates rose by 42% over the course of 12 programming sessions with 8 in 10 students being highly satisfied with the program.

Most importantly, the study revealed that students felt they were 85% more likely to graduate high school after the WealthyLife program. Results exceeded expectations of all parties involved and gained adoption into a new Dept. of Education policy for Early Childhood Family Engagement.

The Financial Empowerment of Urban Youth

The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools named The Wealth Factory the top 9 education technology company of 2015.

The Impact of our Programs

In 2015, The Wealth Factory became the official financial literacy tech partner for Bank on DC serving 15,000 youth via the MB Summer Youth Employment Program. WealthyLife’s curriculum was leveraged to train 25 young money manager to support the 15,000 youth.

This support helped open 1,300 bank accounts and raise financial literacy rates by 25% after one session of programming. DCPS College and Career Services contacted The Wealth Factory to provide financial literacy for three SE high schools and is currently determining the best way to permanently implement the program in schools.

We're Redesigning the Industry Standard

1776, Startup Spotlight: "We Aim to Be the Gold Standard in Financial Literacy"

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