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Wealthy Life Financial Literacy

Today, more than ever before, students must be financially literate to prepare for college, careers and fiscally responsible living. All students should have a strong foundation in financial education to make informed decisions and accomplish their goals. WealthyLife™ teaches students how to earn income, budget, save, invest, bank, use credit and mitigate risk through interactive games. Students learn not only learn how to manage money –but life as well. The program takes a deep dive into student loans, home loans, retirement, energy savings and health.

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History of the Black Dollar

The History of the Black Dollar aims to help older generations remember, while enlightening younger generations on the progression of America; and how the support of Black Americans has directly correlated for over centuries—including present day rising Black entrepreneurs. By uplifting African American stories as they relate to money and wealth, Angel Rich enlightens and inspires a new generation of economic social justice warriors to take the helm in the fight to build a truly inclusive economy.

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Black Woman Politics

For anyone, especially women, who is interested in entering the political arena, perfecting political communication or learning more about the historic roles Blacks have played in politics – here is the book for you. Starting with Sojourner Truth and traveling to present day, this book demonstrates best practices for instigating movements, solving global problems, and inspiring change for a nation. This book is written in the words of the speech writers, reflecting the tone of their generations. It is accessible to those who are new to politics, communications, or personal development, yet the book can impact the lives of even the most seasoned politicians.

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